About Us

Cheshire Community Development Trust (CCDT) is a charity all about community.  We are based in Northwich and have a strong track record of delivering services across Cheshire to support and empower people to:

  • remain independent
  • reduce social isolation
  • provide opportunities for people to attain their goals
  • have equal access to find a place in society where they can live and work and have a sense of purpose.

We aim to combat economic and social disadvantage by offering people the opportunity to develop labour-market skills, self-esteem, build on existing skills, develop new skills and engage in the community.

We have a long history of delivering projects and currently manage several aimed at disadvantaged and vulnerable adults including those:

  • at risk of social marginalisation
  • those with specific needs such as people with disabilities
  • unemployed people
  • ex-offenders
  • older people who left school with no formal or basic qualifications

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of staff and volunteers to deliver our services and although these services may change from time to time, our values remain the same – Quality, Caring, Reliability, Trust, Non-Judgemental and Community Focused.

For further information on how we are able to support you or work together in any of these areas please contact us via our contact form.