Community Engagement in Northwich

Cheshire Community Development Trust works in partnership with Rudheath & Witton Together to help improve the lives of the local community through community engagement.  Rudheath & Witton together is a community project funded by the national Big Local programme.  The programme provides various services and events for the local community looking to make the area a better place to live.

Community Engagement

Cheshire Community Development Trust provides the programme with a Community Engagement Officer who is responsible for:

  • Devising and developing new opportunities for all members of Rudheath and Witton community to engage in the Big Local programme, improving their skills and their community.
  • Assisting in the delivery and development of the Rudheath and Witton Together plan by supporting community projects and promote schemes to the residents.
  • Promoting Rudheath and Witton Together within the wider community and increasing the involvement of local stakeholders, partners, organisations, and private companies.

To see upcoming events and to find out more about the project, head over to the Rudheath and Witton Together website or get in touch via the contact form.