Community Transport in Cheshire

Here at Cheshire Community Development Trust, we provide many services to help improve the lives of the local community. Although we see all of our services as providing essential value to the local community, probably the most essential is our Community Transport provision.

Community Transport outside supermarket

Our Community Transport in Cheshire is defined, shaped and developed by the communities it services, and is provided on a not-for-profit basis in direct response to the needs identified by those communities.  These various services are partly funded by Cheshire West and Cheshire council.

Through Community Transport, Cheshire CDT enables many sections of the community to access essential services, social and everyday activities. The services are designed particularly to meet the needs of those who have a disability, are less mobile, socially isolated or experience barriers in using personal or public transportation.

Cheshire CDT utilises community transport to combat social exclusion through the various services it provides. This is accomplished by providing accessible, safe and affordable transport solutions for local communities and enables people to access:

  • Social and Leisure Activities
  • Training
  • Fresh Food
  • Work
  • Health and Social Care
  • Education

Cheshire CDT provide the following community transport Services:

  • Dial a Ride – Cheshire CDT provides a door-to-door bus services to residents of the Northwich and Winsford areas who are unable to use public transport. For more information on these services please see the Dial-a-Ride page.
  • Rural Rider – the Rural Rider service provides door-to-door bus services to residents of more rural parts outside of Northwich and Winsford where there is limited or non-existent public transport. For more information on this service please see the Rural Riders page.
  • Volunteer Car Schemes – In addition to the community transport bus services, Cheshire CDT also coordinate a number of Voluntary community car schemes operating throughout the Cheshire West and Chester district.