Work Programme in Cheshire

Since 2011, our work programme has helped almost 500 customers back to work and around 300+ take up a second job. On average 80% of our customers are still working 6 months later, which is a healthy sustainability rate.

Work Programme in Northwich

We have delivered the Work Programme as a sub-contractor to one of the three prime providers since 2011. Prior to this, the organisation has developed a long history of being involved in various government Welfare to Work initiatives including New Deal.

We are one of the most successful organisations within the PeoplePlus Supply Chain for the North West. We consistently achieve excellent results with our customers, helping them to remove barriers and move back into sustainable work. Our help and guidance can often follow after a long period of unemployment (sometimes 20+ years), periods of ill health, redundancy, those experiencing lack of confidence and motivation, criminal records, or those who do not currently have the skills to look for employment and apply for vacancies.

Cheshire Community Development Trust Work Programme Jobs Board

For more information about our work programmes, please use the work programme contact form on this page.